Black vegan leather flared pants seem to be all the rage these days in the fashion world! But you may be wondering what to wear with black flare pants? We have you covered!

Check out our suggestions for how to style this look:

Black Leather Jacket












We may be biased, but we think a matching leather jacket is the best way to style this look! Although, this may not be an every day choice, as it's not as wearable. When you have the faux leather flared pants with the leather jacket all in one - you are bound to look like a badass!


Black Corset Top












Dressing sexy is great when you are out on the town! A pair of shiny vegan leather flared jeans that emphasize your curves, paired with a flattering and fitted corset top, is hard to beat! Who doesn't want to have a little sex appeal from time to time? A good rule of thumb is try to match the hardware and styles of your pants and your corset. For example, if the button and zipper of your pants is silver, try to wear a corset with black or silver hardware on it. Or if the style of your pants is Western or Punk then make sure the corset style matches to a certain degree. This will ensure a seamless look.

T Shirt


 Ohh the white t-shirt. While it's not really a Wadsworth House favorite, it seems to be a popular item. It is, however, a staple item that can casually pair with many items, such as; flared 90s style jeans, fitted jeans, or black leather pants! Opt for a t shirt that is nicer quality and has a flattering fit. We have included a cute white corset t-shirt option by Alexander McQueen found at Saks Fifth Avenue, along with a simple white t shirt look, and a rocker t shirt style option.


Fitted Knit Top

Sooo we may be biased, but we love our cut out knit top paired with our vegan leather flared pants with long fringe! Simply because it is minimalistic and does't take away from the fun fringe and cut out details on the hip of the pants, but also because it has a sexy little peek-a-boo in the back. This combo is a very wearable option for many occasions, day and night!
















Okay, hear us out! This is a very daring way to style this look. But if you have the body for it - then go for it! Bralettes are all the rage in 2022! We offer a lovely Vegan Leather Bralette with a beautiful western adorned buckle. But many different styles of bralettes could look cute with black flared pants!


Button Up Blouse

Last black leather pant













This is a good option if you want to look fashionable, but need to be work appropriate. Rule of thumb would be to choose your blouse based on the style of your pants. If your pants have more details then go with a more simplistic blouse. If your pants are plain, then you can select a more frilly and detailed blouse.


To Sum It Up..

To sum it up, there are many options when it comes to what to wear with black flare pants. We recommend a black leather jacket, black corset top, white t shirt, cut out knit top, bralette, or button up blouse. Wearing fun heels is always another way to spice up any look as well! Which type of heel will depend on what length your black flared jeans end hem wise.

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