Wadsworth House, a fashion house founded by Rhiannon Wadsworth in 2020, is dedicated to the notion that women should unapologetically define and embrace their curves and femininity. The brand celebrates the woman’s body, offering thoughtfully tailored designs to accentuate every woman’s figure.

Born and raised in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and educated in the great fashion schools of New York and London, Rhiannon has created a fashion experience fusing the look and feel of the great American West with the street-smart expectations of today’s powerful working woman.

 Wadsworth House offers attainable luxury for today’s well-dressed, powerful woman who wishes to harness her feminine power by accentuating the female form in thoughtfully curated and original offerings.

Our Values

We would like to help change the ways of the industry. It is at our core value to provide ethically made apparel. We care about bringing jobs to the United States, which is why we are made 100% in USA.

Wadsworth House is not mass produced. We produce RTW small batch with local manufacturers, and custom/Couture pieces by hand in-house. We do not believe in contributing wasted merchandise to landfills.

Each collection is thoughtfully curated to ultimately be thought-provoking, flattering, beautiful, and current. We embrace trends but don't feel the need to serve up what everyone else is putting out in the market. We believe more in timeless pieces than "fast fashion".

Wadsworth House fits women with real feminine curves. While we aim to offer an inclusive range of sizes, we are currently offering sizes 2-12 varying by style, with plans to expand in the near future. Our sizing fits a more curvy figure than traditional designer brands to accommodate the modern woman with curves.

Lastly, it has been important to our founder before even creating this brand to stop unnecessary cruelty to animals, which is why all of our garments are cruelty free! We do not believe in using real fur, leather, or suede. When using feathers we only ethically source them. We have partnered with the best fabric mills who offer advanced technology of cruelty free vegan leathers/furs for our products.

While these choices can cut into our bottom line, we know that our customers share our values and desire to make the world a better place. We thank you for supporting our new and growing brand and we welcome your feedback as we grow and evolve.



Meet the Designer & Founder

Rhiannon Wadsworth


Rhiannon Wadsworth was born and raised just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. She has had an innate passion for designing and creating from a young age. From watching her father dress her mom up in beautiful, ornate clothing, to having the privilege of traveling a lot in her childhood and being exposed to different cultures, this shaped her path to becoming a designer.

If Rhiannon wasn't stitching up outfits for her friends in her teen years, she was entering design competitions and school fashion shows. Her path was clear from an early age.

Immediately after graduating from High school, Rhiannon picked up and moved to Los Angeles, CA to attend FIDM in the heart of LA. There, she obtained her Associates Degree in Fashion Design. Upon interning and working with a few brands in the city, she redirected her education to continue in London in the United Kingdom.

Rhiannon was accepted into The University of the Arts London - part of Central Saint Martins. There she focused her studies on Contour (Lingerie Design). This program allowed her to explore her obsession with the delicate art of lingerie making and what goes into shaping and sculpting the body. Corsetry and built-in support was a passion she wanted to explore and implement in her clothing. Building body conscious creations has always been part of Rhiannon's design aesthetic, taking notes on the importance of proportions from idols such as Alexander McQueen.

After spending some time abroad, Wadsworth decided it was time to return to the states, and to the fashion capital - New York City. There, she completed her US Bachelor's Degree majoring in Fashion Design at the prestigious FIT in Manhattan.

Her senior thesis designs landed her a spot in the Future of Fashion runway show, where she was mentored by legendary designer Sachin & Babi to execute her looks on the runway. She was one of few in her graduating class to be selected.

Upon graduating, Wadsworth interned with brands such as Victoria's Secret and Marchesa, and worked for brands including Aidan Mattox and Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Rhiannon always knew she had a vision that she wanted to see through. She has always inserted herself into leadership roles and knew that she wanted to make an impact on the industry and make meaningful changes to the fashion industry. Ethics, sustainability, bringing jobs to America, and inclusion are all important keystones to Wadsworth and all shape the business choices she has made with developing a brand.

Since Wadsworth House launched, we have shown a collection during NYFW in the heart of Manhattan, we have been worn by influencers at Paris and New York Fashion Week, we have been pulled for multiple red carpet PR pulls, we have been featured in a number of magazine editorials, and have been interviewed by Just Jules & Fashionado.

We aim to be a global fashion brand known for providing avant guard designs that are well fitted, high quality, and made ethically. We want to show the industry that you don't have to kill animals, rely on a team of unpaid interns' labor, manufacture in China, or blindly follow the latest fad in order to deliver quality goods. We wish to bring jobs to the United States. And lastly, we wish to empower women to step into their feminine power and be the best version of themselves. Help us build an empire of well-dressed, powerful women.