Built in corsets in wearable shirts and blouses have become all the rage in the fashion world! Perhaps because of the popularity of the show Bridgerton, based on the Rococo which was full of waist snatching corsets! Or it could be the rise of fame of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who often flaunts her curvy figure. It's no wonder this styles are hot sellers online and in stores. We gathered some of the hottest styles of this trend. 

Alexander McQueen Corset T shirt

Alexander McQueen


Dolce & Gabbana


Dion Lee Corset T Shirt

Dion Lee


So why built into a t shirt? We suspect it is the ease and comfort of wearing a t shirt, but it also creates that layering look, which is kind of having a moment right now.


More modern corset/underwire looks we love...


Dion Lee

 Wadsworth House Western Saddle Corset in black

Wadsworth House 


 Cult Gaia necklace

Cult Gaïa









white corset bustier top

white corset top lace

May 03, 2022 — Stephanie Price
Tags: trends