It seems like everywhere you look you are seeing cowgirl inspired fashion! Most fashion trends tend to last a year or two before they fizzle out. Yet this "trend" seems to be more than a quick fashion fad, but more of a movement, and possibly a lifestyle change being adapted by the masses?

After the release of Lil Nas's hit songs Rodeo and Old Town Road (released 2019) there was an explosion of cowboy attire!

Lil NasLil Nas Rodeo outfit

Shortly after, Beyonce's collaborative Cowgirl themed clothing line - Ivy Park with Adidas released in 2020.

Ivy Park by Beyonce x Adidas

Shortly after we saw Gucci giddy up and add a flare of Western influence in their Spring 2022 collection.

Gucci 2021Gucci ad

Gucci Spring 2022 collection. Image from Getty.

Description from Adidas: IVY PARK Rodeo is where audacious design meets thoughtfully remixed classic streetwear and athletic wear fused with inspiration from the Black cowboy experience.

But this wasn't the first hint that we have had that Beyonce is inspired by the Wild West. Her release "Daddy Lessons" (released 2016) had a definitive western flare in the song.

In the latest look Beyonce has served up, she wore a provocative crystal embellished look complete with a silver disco sequin cowgirl hat, made by Abby Misbin (available on Etsy), on her album cover for her Renaissance tour happening this year. I think it's fair to say that Beyonce is lead charge in heading the #cowgirlcore movement!

Beyonce in silver cowgirl hat


Artist such as Gwen Stefani have been pictured in cowgirl styled ensembles, such as her Dolce & Gabanna Swarovski crystal fringe western jacket worn on the Voice and in her song "Let Me Reintroduce Myself". Although, we could attribute Gwen's recent style inspo from her country singer hubby, Blake Shelton.

Gwen Stefani in Dolce & Gabanna

Gwen Stefani cowgirl attireGwen Stefani cowgirl fashion

But we have been seeing western fashion blowing up on social media for a few years now, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere!

It seems that this movement goes beyond fashion. Post pandemic, many people started to reevaluate their lives, how they want to live, and where. With many larger cities that shut down during the Covid pandemic, such as New York and California, many people, including celebrities, fled these larger cities opting for wide open spaces.

For example, stars such as Jeffree Star and Kanye West have both famously  acquired a ranches in Wyoming. Joe Rogan and Elon Musk picked up their headquarters and moved them from California to Texas.

Jeffree StarJeffree Star on his Wyoming ranch

Jeffree Star shows off his custom gunJeffree Star's custom pink gun

Many celebrities, such as Megyn Kelly, the Kardashians, and Gweneth Paltrow have opted for Colorado, Montana, and Park City, UT for vacation destinations. Which makes us conclude that this western movement could be more than a fleeting fashion trend and more of an actual movement!

Megyn Kellly with kids in MontanaKourtney Kardashian in KanabGweneth Paltrow in Park City

Many business are escaping rising taxes from New York to Florida. An article from Forbes states that the the states with the highest exitist numbers are New York and California, and the states with the largest volume of new residents is Texas and Florida. Could we conclude that this movement could also be an indication of a shift in mentality, values, and possibly politics?

In all likelihood, there are a multitude of reasons for these shifts to be taking place: political environment, financial reasons, job relocations, taxes, music and arts, etc. Whatever the reason may be - we are here for it!

Wadsworth House was founded in New York. However, our Founder & Creative Director, Rhiannon Wadsworth, is originally from Utah. Which is why there is a bit of influence of her western heritage seen in some of our past collections, and likely to make more of an appearance in future collections.

Wadsworth House ss21SS21 Western Leather Jacket by Wadsworth House

Wadsworth House couture western antoinette corset

Wadsworth House cowgirl capsule drop

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