We at Wadsworth House have adopted a term called "Conscious Capitalism". What we mean by that is we want to do some good while running our business. We did not adopt this phrase, nor are we the first to walk this path. We have taken notes from other brands who have paved the way with giving back, such as Patagonia, because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Starting January 2022 we will be donating 1% of our earnings to a different charity each quarter. Each quarter, we will post on our social media and newsletter to raise awareness for a cause that is meaningful to us and that will be our charity of choice. The charities will vary by different causes that matter to us, from helping refugees through organizations such as Women for Afghan Women, regenerative agriculture through foundations such as Kiss the Ground, fighting animal cruelty with PETA, and more.

What is at our core values at Wadsworth House?

  • We care about dressing REAL women with curves. Our founder, Rhiannon, always struggled with finding clothing that fit her curves the right way. It seemed that clothing either was made for a size 0 model, a plus size woman, and there was far and few brands in between. Rhiannon wanted to cater to that woman that is fit, but has that hourglass figure.
  • Another important value to us at Wadsworth House is the wonderful people who make our beautiful garments and their well-being! Which is why we are made 100% in USA where we can guarantee good working conditions for our employees & hired contractors.
  • One of the biggest travesties is what the impact of "fast fashion" has had on our environment. Large scale, mass produced brands putting out cheap, fast fashion contributes to this problem greatly, leaving landfills filled with excess garments. While there are many solutions to the problems our planet faces, we are doing what we can to be more green at Wadsworth House. We believe in full-transparency to our customers, so these are the steps we are taking now: we use Hydroplast film bags, which are 100% water soluble, biodegradable, compostable, and marine safe. We also produce by the order, so there is not wasted, unsold merchandise going to landfills. We also plan to donate 1% of our earnings to organizations such as Kiss the Ground, who aides the process of regenerative agriculture, in the year 2022. Lastly, while our fabrics are not 100% organic or sustainable, we aim to source from sustainable mills more and more each season.
  • Last but not least, we care about animal cruelty. There is no reason with all of the many innovative textiles available now that we need to wear innocent animals for fashion. This is a core value of ours. We pledge to ONLY use faux furs and vegan leathers! This will never change. We also aim to select organizations, such as PETA for our donations throughout the year.

We know how important it is to our customers to have their dollar support a good cause. Since the fashion world has gotten a bad rep for its' impact on the environment, not being inclusive enough, and supporting for abhorrent working conditions overseas - our CEO knew before founding this company that she wanted to pave a new, better way to do business.

We know the future generations are sophisticated enough to see past the appeal of "fast fashion" and see the value of paying a little more to know your money is supporting an ethically run brand. We thank you for your support, as it allows us to be able to do what we love while changing the world!