As we begin this year, we wonder what this year will bring. We are hopefully, yet cautiously optimistic. As the virus seems to be coming to an endemic stage & treatments become available, we look toward the light at the end of the tunnel and start to plan picking up our lives where we left off in 2020.

Bold colors are one of the main themes of 2022, highlighting optimism, travel, better health and prosperity. WGSN lists the "key colors" of 2022/2023 as being lavender, burnt yellow, rusty red, icy blue, and seaweed green with colors starting off in pastel hues in the Spring and getting bolder and brighter in the Summer. Some key colors of the Summer to are expected to be hot pink, canary yellow, blood orange, emerald green, and royal azure blue. Fall and moving into 2023 we can expect more deeper, and muted colors, such as a deep eggplant purple, burnt sienna, and copper.


2022 Key Colors Courtesy of WGSN


Along with color being brighter, the styles for the new year hit the same notes. Some of the key trends to observe from the Spring 22 designer collections are:

-Voluminous silhouettes

-Exaggerated bubbly sleeves & hemlines

-Unexpected Cutouts

-Gingham check

-Off-the-shoulder tops & dresses

-Wide leg trousers

-Low rise trousers

-More bra tops & underwire

-More tie fronts

-More twist fronts

-More variations of ties & lace up details

-More corsetry

-Dangling crystal beading


-Outerwear worn as main statement pieces

-Modern tailoring


Bit of Bubbly Volume, Gingham Check
Prabal Gurung SS22 via
Prabal Gurung SS22
Off-the-Shoulder,Twist Top
Wadsworth House SS22
Wadsworth House SS22
Voluminous Silhouettes
AZ Factory SS22 Runway via
AZ Factory SS22
Dangling Jewels
Alexander McQueen SS22 Runway via
Alexander McQueen SS22
Exaggerated Sleeves
AZ Factory SS22 via
AZ Factory SS22
Sweetheart Necklines & Visible Underwire/Bra-Line
Alexander McQueen SS22 via
Alexander McQueen SS22
Unexpected Cut Outs & Ties
AWAKE Mode SS22 via
A.W.A.K.E. Mode SS22


The "must-have" accessories of this season are mostly coming from Cult Gaia and Awake Mode. There is puffy & quilted trend happening. With a puffy knotted bag from Awake Mode and quilted skirt that goes with it.

Cult Gaia continues to top the charts with their fire heels! They seem to hit every hot trend that hits the books. We have featured their Jila clear heel, their Pillow Cloud sandal, and their basket weave architectural heel. Clear heels and puffy everything will dominate this season!

We have also featured the hot pink Balenciaga sunglasses, as hot pink is making a statement this season following Kim Kardashian's all pink appearance on SNL. Along with the apres ski inspired Christian Dior sunglasses.

Knotted Bag by A.W.A.K.E. Mode
AWAKE Mode Knotted Bag
Quilted Trend
Ivory Quilted Faux Leather purse by Ego
Hot Pink Balenciaga Sunglasses
Balenciaga Sunglasses via
Christian Dior SS22 Sunglasses
 Dior SS22 Sunglasses
Cult Gaia SS22 Teal Blue Basket Weave Heel
Cult Gaia SS22 Blue Basket Weave Heel
Cult Gaia SS22 Clear Heel
Pillow Sandal by Cult Gaia
Cloud Slip ons by Cult Gaia


January 10, 2022 — Stephanie Price
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