In a world of social media, it gets very oversaturated with new celebrities, brands, artists, and influencers. We rounded up some of our favorite influencers we look to for fashion admiration and aesthetic admiration.



Aureta @Aureta


Marta Sierra

Marta Sierra @marta__sierra



Christine Quinn @TheChristineQuinn


Influencer in pink and white ensemble

Maxine Wylde @_mmaxinewylde


Jenny Florence

Jenny Florence @themesmereyes


Nina Lipkina

Nina Lipkina Stylist Dubai @lipkine


Olga Ferrera in Wadsworth House at PFW

Olga Ferrera @Olgaferrara_ny


Margo in Wadsworth House apparel

Margo Sahadijan @Margo_sah


Katya in teal dress

Katya @katyazubrik


Nikki Thot in monochromatic brown ensemble

Nikki Thot @NikkiThot


Lauren Recchia in black windowpane

Lauren Recchia @NorthofManhattan




We are not paid by these influencers to plug them in our article. This is an opinion blog post. We do not represent these individuals. One or more of these influencers we have hired to work for us on a promotional campaign.
March 05, 2023 — Rhiannon Wadsworth